Your complete Form I-9 solution

HR Best Practice Training

The Form I-9, E-Verify, and Immigration legislative landscape is in a continuing and constant state of change.  This makes it very difficult for the average HR manager to keep current with each and every change.  Frankly, its downright impossible, when you consider all of your other day-to-day responsibilities – payroll, benefits, retirement, recruiting, retention, career planning, employee relations, etc.

Let our team of compliance consultants help you navigate the ever-changing compliance waters. We are experts in compliance…it’s is our only business.

Training Topics

  • Best Practices
    • Current Laws – understanding and achieving compliance with Form I-9, E-verify, and Federal Contractor rules.
    • Document control – Form I-9 completion, storage, and more.
    • Discrimination – how to avoid it in the workplace.
    • Termination – the right way.
    • Work Environment – identify risks and solutions.
  • Customized Training
    • based on your firm’s unique needs.

Utilize our experts to help ensure that you’re using Best Practices to be compliant with all applicable laws.