Your complete Form I-9 solution

Paper Form I-9 Auditing

The single most important step an employer can take to help ensure they protect themselves from potential fines and criminal charges is to identify and resolve errors, omissions and discrepancies on their Form I-9’s.  Unfortunately, don’t take the time to audit their work.  In fact, most employers treat the Form I-9 as another day-of-hire document to quickly complete and file, without taking the time to confirm its compliance.  Unfortunately, mistakes can cost you money.

We’ve also found that 20-80% of employers’ paper or historical Form I-9’s contain errors.  Errors which can expose your company to costly penalties and fines.

Audit Service

Our auditors, will audit your Form I-9’s and identify these errors, omissions, discrepancies and recommend corrective action. In some cases, they can even make the corrections for you. You won’t have to worry, if ICE audits your business because we will have already taken care of all technical and substantive errors.

Why Should You Have Your I-9 Forms Audited By Accuform I-9

  • Compliance – our only business is compliance.  We make sure that your forms are compliant.
  • KnowledgeKnow precisely what your risk and liabilities are, so you can take action to eliminate them.
  • Good Faith – Demonstrate your “good faith effort” to comply with legal requirements.
  • Peace of Mind – Rest easy knowing that you have done everything you can to legally protect your organization in case of an ICE audit.